300 Numbered Casino Poker Chip Set with 13.5 Gram Chips, Buttons & Playing Cards

This 300 piece poker chip set is perfect for your home games or for your poker game down your local. This chip set also comes with a FREE dealer button, big blind button, small blind button and pack of playing cards.

Chip Set Contains
  • 100x Green 25 Value Chips
  • 125x Black 100 Value Chips
  • 50x Purple 500 Value Chips
  • 25x Yellow 1000 Value Chips
Key Features
  • 300 piece poker chip set in a aluminium and wooden black case
  • 13.5 gram circular plastic poker chips with FOUR different denominations
  • Clear denomination printed in the middle on both sides
  • Small key to lock the case
  • Buttons & playing cards are included